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Activity Tracker Watch can connect to iPhone

Health alert technology Activity Tracker Watch      Health is important When we're sick, go to the hospital to see a doctor. The hospital will keep a record, which is called a medical record. North Yorkshire himself worked on the hospital's database. Which medical information is necessary for doctors to diagnose the disease and guidelines for treatment.       Activity Tracker Watch The technology developed today looks at health. That will record statistics from waking up to entering before, such as heartbeat values Various disorders that occur Exercise, walking, every action in daily life Even when sleeping These technological devices can tell the malfunction. And if there is a large database such as Big Data and link this information to the hospital In the future, seeing a doctor can be done online. And if there is an appointment to see a doctor, it can create a schedule (Schedule), the use of technology to collect health data and can alert you when health informat

Review the ultimate case for iPhone XR in more than 8 brands, 10 styles

New iPhone XR owners shouldn't miss out Recommend to review the clear case and beautiful shockproof case. Today, the team has raised the army of the best cases for iPhone XR, more than 10 styles from many brands to watch. A collection of case reviews for iPhone XR in more than 8 brands, 10 styles iPhone XR Case that will be reviews today There are both clear and shockproof cases from the top brands that guarantee both quality and beauty. Which all cases support wireless charging Distributed by 425 Degree. Let's see first what cases and brands are from. Mous Limitless 2.0 Shockproof Carbon Fiber Case OtterBox Symmetry New Thin Design Shockproof Case JTLEGEND Guardian Z Shockproof Case Pitaka Aramid Case , Aramid Fiber Pattern UAG Plyo shockproof case JTLEGEND Clear Cushion Case Prodigee Super Star shockproof case ITSKINS Spectrum Shockproof Case Spigen Ultra Hybrid Shockproof Case Spigen Crystal Flex Transparent Case After we know the name of the c

iPhone SE 2 New model to launch in early 2020

iPhone SE 2 is similar to the iPhone 8.Launched in early 2020.With the new iPad Pro      The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has previously predicted that the iPhone SE will come in the first quarter of 2020, the latest news that predicted iPhone SE 2 will be released in early 2020 with a similar design to the iPhone 8 . Including the new iPad Pro, will be released in early 2020 as well. iPhone SE2 will come with a smaller 4.7-inch LCD, A13 chipset, the latest model And the same model used in the iPhone 11, but still do not know whether it has Touch ID scanning or Face ID scanning, but Kuo predicted that the iPhone SE2 will be able to create sales of about 30-40 million units.      There will also be a new iPad Pro that will be launched in early 2020 as well, with a 3D rear camera and ToF sensor that is the same as the TrueDepth front camera used on the previous generation iPhone, iPad. this That helps measure the object's distance precisely. Apple also has AR glasses or

Iphone insurance warranty conditions for the telephone mobile phone.

     As for the warranty As an insurance That will give consumers confidence in the products they have paid for Mobile phones like iPhone also have product insurance.      From the case of a young Thai man asking to change the iPhone X after just buying until having a story with the staff in the shop And became a buzz about social media Let's take a look at Apple's insurance terms. What are some reasons why we can't claim iPhone? or other Apple devices to get information for Americans using the iPhone. Reasons for not being able to claim iPhone insurance      Important information Do not open Apple products. Opening Apple products may cause damage which is not covered by this warranty. Only Apple or AASP should provide service regarding this Apple product. What Apple will do in the event of a breach of warranty      Within the warranty period If you file a claim for rights with Apple or AASP in accordance with this agreement, Apple has the right to cho

iPhone XR: Review after actual use, 1 week, the best iPhone since the iPhone came

iphone xr case      For more than 4 years, the latest iPhone looks the same since the launch of the iPhone 6 in 2014. At that time, it was almost a very reasonable upgrade. After that, although Apple has added the iPhone Plus, but with a price that rose to 984.86 $ late to 1313.14 $ ever. Making accessing the big screen iPhone become difficult.      Apple has had some goals since Steve Jobs released the iPhone in 2007. The first thing that Jobs spoke about on the stage was the "big screen". Apple has always tried to raise the size of the screen and that has become the standard of phone design. Around the world. After 2007 onwards, 10 years have passed. Apple designed the iPhone X to have a full screen (Although there are polyps on top), but with a design that looks like a special And for sale for forty thousand, the iPhone X is still not very standard, we still buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus to be used. Finally, today comes when Apple introduced the iPhone XR