Iphone insurance warranty conditions for the telephone mobile phone.

     As for the warranty As an insurance That will give consumers confidence in the products they have paid for Mobile phones like iPhone also have product insurance.

     From the case of a young Thai man asking to change the iPhone X after just buying until having a story with the staff in the shop And became a buzz about social media Let's take a look at Apple's insurance terms. What are some reasons why we can't claim iPhone? or other Apple devices to get information for Americans using the iPhone.

Reasons for not being able to claim iPhone insurance

     Important information Do not open Apple products. Opening Apple products may cause damage which is not covered by this warranty. Only Apple or AASP should provide service regarding this Apple product.

What Apple will do in the event of a breach of warranty

     Within the warranty period If you file a claim for rights with Apple or AASP in accordance with this agreement, Apple has the right to choose to
  • Repair Apple products using new parts. Or used parts that are equivalent to the new in performance, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Change Apple products with the same device model. (Or equivalent work product If you give consent), which is made up of new and / or used parts that are equivalent to the new in performance, efficiency, and reliability, or
  • Get Apple products back in exchange for a refund of the price you bought.
     Apple may ask you to replace parts or certain Apple products that users can install on their own. Apple parts or products for replacement This includes parts that users can install themselves that have been installed in accordance with the instructions Apple has set for their warranty, according to the terms of the warranty or ninety (90) days from the date of replacement. Or repair Depending on which period of time will give you longer protection When Apple products or parts are replaced or refunded, any replacement products will become your property. And all parts submitted for replacement or return for refund will become the property of Apple.

     iOS 12.2 has been updated to easily check the warranty on the device on iPhone, iPad, iPod devices, without having to install the Apple Support app or checking the website anymore. Which will display the results for devices that still have insurance remaining Make the user convenient to check the insurance.

     For insurance See it as a very important and important thing For iPhone users, especially those who are considered to be very popular in using iPhone. We have the best products. And also have insurance.


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