Review the ultimate case for iPhone XR in more than 8 brands, 10 styles

New iPhone XR owners shouldn't miss out Recommend to review the clear case and beautiful shockproof case. Today, the team has raised the army of the best cases for iPhone XR, more than 10 styles from many brands to watch.

A collection of case reviews for iPhone XR in more than 8 brands, 10 styles

iPhone XR Case that will be reviews today There are both clear and shockproof cases from the top brands that guarantee both quality and beauty. Which all cases support wireless charging Distributed by 425 Degree. Let's see first what cases and brands are from.
  1. Mous Limitless 2.0 Shockproof Carbon Fiber Case
  2. OtterBox Symmetry New Thin Design Shockproof Case
  3. JTLEGEND Guardian Z Shockproof Case
  4. Pitaka Aramid Case, Aramid Fiber Pattern
  5. UAG Plyo shockproof case
  6. JTLEGEND Clear Cushion Case
  7. Prodigee Super Star shockproof case
  8. ITSKINS Spectrum Shockproof Case
  9. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Shockproof Case
  10. Spigen Crystal Flex Transparent Case
After we know the name of the case. It's time to see the details together with the illustrations.

1. Carbon Fiber Mous Limitless 2.0 Shockproof Case

     The Mous case is the ultimate shockproof protective case for iPhone users with multiple altitude drop tests. Raise it to be a strong shockproof case. Very tough and resistant Be confident when wearing.

     Mous Limitless 2.0 case uses AiroShock technology to help reduce the shock of the machine when dropped. And in the carbon fiber version On the back, it's a genuine ARAMID CARBON FIBER that is highly resistant to scratches and impact. While also providing beautiful patterns.

     Easy to wear But removing may require strength and caution Because the case is fitted tightly with the device The front edge is slightly higher than the screen. Prevents impact from the front.

     Although the Mous Limitless 2.0 case is a shockproof case that many people think is probably big and bulky, it actually does not give you a lot of big feeling. But may be slightly slippery Since the side of the machine is TPU plastic material.

     In addition, the Mous Limitless 2.0 case also has other patterns to choose from, including wood grain, leather accents, all made from authentic materials. Can say that both the shockproof case with a beautiful and simple design, good value for money.

2. OtterBox Symmetry New Thin Design Shockproof Case

OtterBox Symmetry New Thin Design OtterBox Shockproof Case is the OtterBox's ultra slim case and is a shockproof case that combines high quality rubber material with a higher screen bezel. To prevent bumps from the front And the back is a strong, hard plastic material Especially focusing on cushioning.
     The inside of the case has a geometric pattern. To be another aid in the first mop When dropping or hitting the floor.

     Easy to put on and take off Because the front is a flexible rubber Can be twisted for adjustment, comfortable to wear When wearing and using Feel the tightness with the machine. Touching the sides may be full of hands. (For small hands) but the side rubber on the side to prevent slippery well.

     OtterBox Symmetry New Thin Design is available in 5 colors: Black (Tonic), Tonic Violet (Purple), Ivy Meadow (Dark Green), Fine Port (Wine Red) and Aspen Gleam (Yellow). The iPhone XR really.

3. JTLEGEND Shockproof Case Guardian Z

     JTLEGEND Guardian Z Shockproof Case comes with a handsome design that uses Hybrid Protection material, combined with TPU rubber and TPE for shockproof. And fully equipped with a variety of shockproof technology Whether it is Air Aero Seal, Fish Bone Inner Frame and Z Construction in this case only.

     The inside of the case is a Fish Bone Inner Frame with a fish bone frame (orange) and has a mesh pattern. That can distribute the impact well When the device is dropped, the device does not need to be impacted fully. And the back of the machine also has a Z Construction pattern that helps absorb shock as well.

     The 4 corners of the case are slightly convex, using Air Aero Seal technology to prevent corner falls. And the camera part has a slightly convex edge To prevent contact with the lens.

     The front of the case is slightly raised from the screen. Prevents falling from the front and can easily place the iPhone XR with the screen facing down.

     Wearing and removing can be very easy. Because the case is flexible As for the grip, it doesn't feel too thick Quite comfortable to handle.

     JTLEGEND Guardian Z protective case is available in 5 colors: Black OPS (Black), OD Green (Desert Green), Desert (Light Brown), Code Red (Dark Red) and City Gray (Gray). )

4. Pitaka Aramid Case, Aramid Fiber

     Pitaka Aramid Case Aramid Fiber is a slim, smooth protective case. The highlight is that the material of the case is Aramid Fiber, which provides strength and toughness. (To the point of being able to bulletproof at all). Prevent scratches or sharp objects that will hit the back of the case as well.

     Very easy to wear and take off The surface is smooth, but not slippery. And not easily fingerprint Because there is a special coating of PITAKA on the back, there is a slightly higher protection lens.
     Inside the case there is iron. Can be used with a magnetic phone stand.

     Smooth wearing with the machine Lightweight and thin, easy to grip But the case does not protect from falling on the front Side and corner But focus on scratching only.

     Pitaka Aramid Case Aramid Fiber is suitable for people who like a slim case and just want to prevent scratches.

5. Clear shockproof UAG Plyo case
     Then comes the shockproof case for the famous brand UAG that designed the UAG Plyo case. The transparent shockproof case shows the beautiful iPhone XR. The case material is made of hard plastic. (Polycarbonate) high quality. The side edges are covered with special thickness TPU. Especially shockproof.

Inside the case, the corner has Honey Comb technology (honeycomb pattern) to help absorb the impact better. When the angle of the device hits the ground.
     Easy to put on and take off The case is flexible. The back provides clarity. Focusing on showing the colors of the iPhone XR beautifully and with clarity, it makes fingerprints easy.

The front edge rises from the edge of the screen. To prevent the screen from being upside down or falling onto the front floor.

     The camera has a raised edge. To prevent the lens being scratched from being placed on the floor.

     Although the UAG Plyo is a shockproof case But the touch or grip is still easy to hold, not too bulky Suitable for people who like to show the device.

6. JTLEGEND Clear Case Cushion
     JTLEGEND Cushion Case for Cushion Cover is beautiful, lightweight, good quality rubber material that is flexible and provides extra strength. The side is clear TPU material that is shockproof to a certain extent. Does not prevent severe falls Since the case is not specifically designed to be shockproof.
     All 4 corners use Air Aero Seal technology to help absorb shock. When the corner of the machine hits the ground.

     The case is lightweight and ultra slim. Easy to grip or hold, hands are not slippery, the inside of the case on the back has polka dots that prevent bubbles when wearing.

     And with the clarity of the case Which makes fingerprints easily during use May have to be cleaned often But the clarity makes the iPhone XR display colorful and when used for a long time, the case may be yellow.

     JTLEGEND Cushion Case, Cushioning, Beautiful and Thin Does not focus on severe shock Available in 2 colors: Crystal (clear) and Crystal Black (clear black).

7. Prodigee Super Star shockproof clear case

     Pamper the girls with clear case with glitter glitter. That comes with shockproof features With the side edges made of good quality TPU material to prevent shock The back uses a special hard plastic mixed with glitter to make it beautiful, cute.
     The flexibility of the case makes it easy to put on and take off. And the case is not too thick Holds the hand perfectly and doesn't slip. The highlight is the beauty of glitter that is worn with any iPhone XR.
    The front has a slightly raised edge. Can prevent some impact from the front Can be attached to film or scratch-resistant glass in general.

Prodigee Super Star protective case is available in 3 colors: Smoke (Black), Clear (Clear) and Rose Gold (Pink). Glitter is the same color as the case.

8. Shockproof case for ITSKINS Spectrum

     The ITSKINS Spectrum shockproof case is specifically designed for shockproof. Highly flexible Can be easily worn and removed The transparency on the back can show the iPhone XR beautifully, but it may be easy to scratch and when used for a long time it may turn yellow according to usage.
     Front edge design is slightly higher than the screen edge. To prevent falling from the front Including all 4 corners, using Air Pocket Technology which slightly increases the thickness To absorb the first impact from the corner as well

     The case is slim, easy to grip, not slippery, and the inside of the case has a Dot Matrix that helps to prevent bubbles. Show the colors of the device, wear beauty.
     ITSKINS Spectrum shockproof case is available in 3 colors: Clear (Frost Black) and Frost Pink (Pink).

9. Spigen Ultra Hybrid shockproof case

     Spigen Ultra Hybrid shockproof case is a shockproof clear case. The case is made of materials. Mixture between TPU and Polycarbonate The side uses TPU bumper rubber that can prevent shock as well. The back is hard plastic with good quality and clear and beautiful reflection.
     All-round body case protects against both front and back shock. The back has a slightly raised section to protect the plastic from being scratched. Easy to put on and take off The touch is light. Perfect to fit in your hand And is common for clear cases that have to find problems as fingerprints easily and yellow cases When used for a while.

     The 4 corners of the case use Air Cushions technology to help distribute the impact well. When it hits the corner.

     The front of the case also has a raised edge that prevents shock from the front of the machine. Can be attached with a non-full-screen film.

     The Spigen Ultra Hybrid protective case is available in 2 colors: Crystal Clear (Matte) and Matte Black (Matte Black).

10. Clear Case for Spigen: Crystal Flex
     Spigen Crystal Flex clear case is a protective case, high quality TPU material, making the case not bias or craft. The case is light. Can show the device all around Especially the colors of the iPhone XR that are colorful, flashy, beautiful.
     Easy to wear Because the case is highly flexible Once worn, the case is smooth on the device. Not bulky But the case is able to prevent fall to a certain extent only Unable to prevent strong fall.
     From the use when the hands are oily and in contact with the case, it will cause fingerprints to be seen clearly. And when used for a long time The case may be yellow.

     Spigen Crystal Flex case for those who like lightness and shows the device. Because the case is clear and clean When wearing so it looks beautiful.
     And all of these are the best cases for iPhone XR that the team has recommended for users to watch and buy according to their preferences and suitability.



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